Unleash Buddha’s Powers By Utilizing These 9 Apps

You may be finding it way too hard to cope with your surroundings. Thus, this is why it is best to use Buddha apps on your Galaxy S3 and get first class guidelines and expertise.

With well decided on icons and more metaphoric content, you will actually get the ideal sense of a relaxed subconscious.


Izen – Art of Zen Meditation

Buddhism is nothing more than complete body, mind and soul relaxation. With the fluent and convenient music tracks of choice, with this, you will be able to get full body peace and tranquility alike. If you somewhat get caught up in the moment, then the best thing to do is use the time advantage to realize timed and complete sessions with best results.

Relax and Rest Meditation

The best way to relax is none other than finding peace within oneself. This is where this comes into play. You will have the chance of being guided via an array of smooth and soothing tunes as you engage in the best body relaxation exercises. With a convenient flexible break, then this is all that you need. You can now begin enjoying rain, ocean and stream theme songs!

Relaxing Melodies


With this 100% safe ad free to use tool, you will find it easy to unlock the possibilities such as these. Get to fully customize your system and also the choice of audio truck. Get to enjoy over 41 tunes, fully switchable and easy to adjust.

Along these lines, you will also enjoy the fact that this tool gives you an opportunity of getting firsthand information about this from the original Buddha.

lifestyle Apps

It’s worth noting that the below apps might ask for Galaxy S3 root access, or for the SuperSU binaries to be installed. If haven’t got one of those, then this means that you haven’t gotten your device rooted yet, which you’ll need to do first. So please see our archives first before proceeding.

Basic Buddhism


If you are looking to learn the ways, the diet and complete lifestyle, then this is what you need to get you started. With this, you have the chance to begin from scratch and will be in no time an expert.

With lots of guidelines, you will soon get from being you to being the next Prince Siddhartha.

Life Of Buddha

Now this is what you probably need to get you up to speed with the complete Buddhism. The good thing is that you will not have difficult times looking for translation to some of the terms as they are all there at your disposal. Along these lines, you will find this compact tool to be quite handy as it contains amazing notification from sites such as webfine.co.uk

Guatam Buddha

If you are familiar with this ancient teacher and mentor, then you will most likely guess what it has in store for you. You will have a very basic guide and easy to use interface that with reliable and realistic images. The good thing is that you will also find that you also have videos that give you a complete and reliable guide. Install it now to begin your journey.

Quan Yin Mantra


If you are familiar with the Old Chinese history, then you probably must have heard of this name. This is one of the best and perchance one of the oldest Buddhists that ever lived. So, with a simple installation, you will have all the ways of the Quan at your disposal.

Learn basics, how to act when you are one, the way of living, dietary considerations among others.

Meditation Apps


If you are looking for the easiest way to get calmed after a long day’s work, then this is what you need. Find the best tips right on your device from renowned gurus in this field. Get up to 15 parts of your body targeted using this 11 hour full tutorial. Enjoy up to 80 custom tracks, with a range of 5 – 30 minutes, giving you enough time span for your session.

Daily Buddhist Prayers

Perchance you are fully committed to the devotions and would like to have this be part and person of you. Then this is what you actually need. Get all your prayers and guides on your phone, as you would get them from original monks. Get started now with an easy to use interface and straight forward guidelines.



If anything, it would be best to get guidelines from the expert. This specific tool was founded by a former monk, with the ultimate of making meditation possible to you.

Learning from the best means that you actually have a 10 minute session with this guru giving you best results. Be part of this great experience virtually!

Walking Meditations

Do you at times get yourself stuck behind your desk? Well, it is about time you get the ultimate guide and work around to this. With this tool, you will be availed with a number of meditation tips that make you keep up with your social life as well. With three simple tracks guide, you will have enough time to get the relaxation you so desire.

Buddhist Meditation Trainer


If you are looking to get your soul enlightened and left joyful, then this is what you are looking for. With this, you get top notch quotes, notifications and reminders on your day to day guide. The exorbitant satisfaction you get is worth a shot.

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