The 3 US Embassy Apps To Get When You’re Traveling

When you or someone you know is outside the country, the US Embassy is where Americans run to. Whether they want to know updates of the government for the overseas people, or any problem encountered. Also, when applying citizenship, this is where people come.

That is what the apps below are made for, to be convenient for Galaxy S3 users.



Essentially, this lets you know the immigration requirements, visa and passport inquiries, voting registration and anything you need to know about residency.

They also provide information about the different services for citizens. But it’s not just that. Aside from providing their services information, the actually flash latest and important state news that residents and citizens need to know.

You would not need to go to the actual office and waste your time travelling for just asking few information. Or at least, if you are really in need of going to the office, you could first inform yourself what to expect and what to bring.

US Embassies and Consulates


You should use it when you are searching the address of embassies and consulates all over the world. The most useful part is that you will need no internet connection to use it frequently. Once you install it, all the information will be sorted out automatically. For installing, you will need to pay $0.99. Address, phone number and email of 294 embassies can be found in here. There is also a supporting feature to call the office is included with it. Get it from Google Play Store.



Aside from the tour apps that are recommended because they inform you about the best tour spots, etc., this could also pass as a part of a backpacker’s kit. Because, first of all, you will have to need to know the US Government’s travel alerts and warnings in some other places before planning.

If you are overseas, and in an urgent state to go to US Embassy, the location of it in each country can be determined.

Also, if in case you got caught up in the middle of a disastrous event, the State Department can assist you. Even when in cases like an unlikely loss of your passport, connect with authorities through this.

As long as you enrolled in their program, you can do the above mentioned. Additionally, in case of an emergency, with STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program), you can still be contacted by your friends and family members.

Be updated with the latest happenings by accessing their Facebook and Twitter link.

These, above, can be really handy and useful when it comes to inquiring, and most especially when traveling.  Keep in mind the rooting may be required. If you’re not familiar with that, then please see this.

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