Must Have Apps For When You’re Traveling Abroad!

If you are a traveler visiting a destination for the first time, (it can be anywhere, Skopje, London, Dublin, you name it), there is a lot that you do not know about the place and its people. Instead of being fooled or duped by locals or facing unnecessary difficulties, it is really prudent to arm yourself with relevant information. All such information today is at your fingertips with the help of travel apps that are available for your Galaxy S3!

A little background: So last year I went to Skopje (which lies in Macedonia), it’s a wonderful place. Nice people, nice restaurants, lots of good spots and the vibe was just amazing. The problem was a) language barriers – b) I had no idea where i was going and c), I simply did not come prepared. When my plane landed in the Skopje airport, I could get off the plane, grab my bag and exit the airport, but it took me 4 hours to get to my hotel!

When I got home after having a great time in Skopje, I decided to look up what I could’ve done better, and I quickly saw that if I had used apps, that my time there would’ve been a lot more less stressful!

Note: Before I mention any, I must say that some apps require superuser or root access. What this means is that you’ll need to get rooting before you can install the specific app. That being said, we have plenty of posts regarding that, (such as Kitkat, i9300 and Jelly Bean) and a rooting guide. We also got a lot more tutorials as you can see here: Rooting Archives.

2 Must Have Apps:



No matter which part of the world you are in, you need to have some form of transportation to be able to move around. Download Uber to hire a taxi of your choice and still pay very competitive rates to move in style. There is simply no need to wave your hands at all the passing cars to get a lift or a taxi.



Google Maps is another thing that I’d strongly recommend having installed at all times. You get all information about the place you are in as well as the place you are headed to.

Recreation Apps:

Recreation becomes a necessity when you are traveling from one place to another as you become bored having to sit in an airplane or a train for long hours at a stretch. Having a smartphone in your hands allows you to pass your time in an entertaining manner.

There are so many interesting games and other genres designed to freshen up your mind that you can never feel bored with your Galaxy S3. No matter what sport you love to spend your time with, Android is a platform that allows you to always find something that you’d like.

Watch ESPN

watch espn

Another interesting one is Watch ESPN. You are never away from your favorite sports shows and live telecast of matches when you have it installed. If you are a sports fanatic, you have the ultimate recreation as you can Watch ESPN anything, no matter where you are. If you are not entirely free, you can download another app called ESPN Radio to listen to live matches taking place around the world. Also, you can listen to the views of experts talking about sportsmen and their game.

Hulu Plus

hulu plus

If you want top class recreation while flying, there is nothing to beat Hulu Plus. This is for Android OS that brings Hollywood blockbusters and other TV shows direct to your mobile screen. Whether you want to pass your time watching a movie that you could not see in the theater or you desire to catch up with soap that you watch regularly, just download Hulu Plus to make sure that there is never a dull moment during your travel.

Flying Apps

If you are an aviation enthusiast, there is nothing more useful and exciting for you than a flying app. Today, there are hundreds of options available for aviators to help them get useful information about navigation, weather, and charts.

You may not believe it but these have made life that much easier for pilots and aviation enthusiasts by providing them flight checklists and manuals of planes and also alerts for arrivals and departures. Many users are getting the best out of it.

Spin A Wind

Spin A Wind” is a beautiful app on Android that allows pilots and aviation enthusiasts to know the wind speed that they are likely to encounter at different runways. It is not just the speed of the wind but also its pressure and direction that is provided at a glance. You must have this innovation downloaded to know the exact wind conditions just before takeoff.

Garmin Pilot

garmin pilot

Garmin Pilot is a very popular aviation innovation for pilots and copilots available on both iOS as well as Android platforms. Though it is costly, it is available for $74.99 only on subscription, it is found in the smartphones of most of the pilots and aviation enthusiasts. This is because of loads of features about flight, navigation, friendly menus for the cockpit, flight planning, and so on. It also makes available route charts to pilots.

Aeroweather Pro

aeroweather pro

Aeroweather Pro is available for download in your Galaxy S3 to know the weather conditions at different airports of the world. This isn’t free, it costs $3.99 but it does enable pilots to prepare accordingly for the weather conditions they are going to encounter during their next flight.

Planning Apps

If you are a frequent flier or a busy businessman taking trips every now and then, it becomes very important for you to have aspects of your life organized and planned. Without planning and scheduling, many important things can be forgotten so easily.



One of the most used by professionals, is called Evernote. Just download to your device and forget all worries about missing important notes during a meeting. You can not only take notes but also take screenshots and even record audio clips to play them later when required with the help of this beautiful planning helper. This is not all as Evernote has a feature that allows it to organize and index all files and content to enable you to search them easily whenever you so desire.

Remember the Milk

One of the very popular planning apps available is “Remember the Milk”. As the name reflects, it enables you to set reminders for everything that is important and you have a propensity to forget in your daily schedule. By using this, you can make sure that everything goes as planned and scheduled to help achieve the best results in your endeavor.

remember the milk

One other top choice of most professionals as called It makes file sharing child’s play as all you require are a few taps and drag. You can drag and drop files with just a few clicks and also share links with anyone or on social, media when you need to do so and in whatever circumstance.

To conclude:

As stated above, I wish i knew about these apps before I went to Skopje, it would’ve been a stress and time saver! Luckily for you, you can learn from my experiences, that’s why I’m sharing it! So if you want to go to a major city like Skopje, do yourself a favor and be sure to take a look at the list above.

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