How To Unlock The Bootloader Of Samsung Galaxy S3

Always remember that the procedure should be used only on the Verizon model and no other. Moreover, ensure that you follow the steps as they are in sequential manner. Most of all, be patient with the entire process.

How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3

Make sure to follow the guidelines as outlined and not to use this on other models other than the i9300, otherwise you may brick them. Most of all, be patient and keen!

How To Unbrick Samsung Galaxy S3

You may have tried to install a custom ROM or make modifications to your original firmware and unfortunately got bricked. Well, this guide will help you out.

How To Enable USB Debugging On Samsung Galaxy S3

Before you get started, you have to know that this process will potentially lead to operations which void your warranty as well as exposing it to bricking problems. Thus, you should only proceed at your own risk.

TWRP For Samsung Galaxy S3 Explained

Team Win Recovery Project is but a recovery tool which makes it possible to tweak the underlying custom ROM of your device. You have to know that use of the tool will void your device warranty as well being exposed to potential...

Download Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3 Explained

Always remember this is specifically for the s3 i9300 model and no other model. Also remember the consequences of the operation before proceeding. Make sure to follow the steps as outlined.

How To Flash Stock ROMs On Samsung Galaxy S3

Flashing stock ROMs is all more important if you wish to get more from Galaxy S3. One thing that you have to know is that with this comes a number of risks such as getting bricking and voiding your warranty. With that in mind...