Be Stress-Free With The Best Radio Apps For Galaxy S3!

What’s more relaxing than comfortably sitting on your favorite spot while listening to various songs you’ve been missing and enjoying? Out from this stressful world, why not have an itsy bitsy time to escape with your headphones on. To all Galaxy S3 users out there who finds bliss in listening to music anytime anywhere, here are the best radio apps that you will surely love!


European Radio Apps

Note: rooting is required! Make sure to follow our Galaxy S3 Rooting Guide before continuing!

  1. XiiALive

Do you want a smooth-sailing experience? If you do, then this highly rated app is for you. With more than 50,000 stations worldwide especially in your European region, you can now stream various music across the globe for free! You’ll never be lost with SHOUTcast. You can absolutely search, bookmark, and organize your all-time favorite stations. If reminiscing is your game, well you can just simply tap the seekbar for a rewind.

  1. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Are you more up to hear what’s happening around than dancing and singing to tunes? RFE/RL provides you a different experience. In over 21 countries in Europe and other regions around the world, breaking controversial news will be delivered in 28 languages. Be informed anytime of the hottest open debates, sensible discussions, and freshest uncensored news. (They also allow you to unlock a hidden FM Radio.)

  1. Radio FM

Arranged according to country, the list of stations are unimaginably counting to more than 10,000! Through an internet connection, you may now listen to your favorites genres such as songs, talks, news, concerts, and shows. Manage you favorites and see which is popular. With its sleep timer, you can never sleep with your music continually playing with your headphones on.

Using your high-tech device, you can have your little escapes and be engaged on the music that you love. You are just lowering those stress hormones down. A short relaxation will not hurt, after all. Here is a video link that you could watch:

USA Radio Apps


Music is undeniably life. Do you feel sad, happy, in love, hopeless etc. but you do not know how to express it through words? Allow music to speak for you. Ride on to the “feels” trip as you listen to the following the best USA radio apps that allows you to stream the soundtrack of your life:

  1. 1. iHeart

Do you want to listen songs and at the same time be informed of the latest news and be entertained of the DJ’s talk shows? iHeart will certainly catch you heart with over 18,000 songs to choose from for free. Be nostalgic, aware, and updated with iHeart. It is even way more than just your typical app. Through it, you can now listen to the world’s top stations, news, shows, sports, podcasts, and many more! You will get access to them all anywhere you go.

  1. Pandora

Do you want to create a station of your own? Music hunting can never be this easy, download Pandora and showcase all songs, artists, and genres in just one space. You can make a personalized hundreds of it! To start your world music exploration, you can create your account for free. If you already did, then listen to your own station anywhere anytime.

  1. TuneIn

Being a certified world class, TuneIn has a large collection of songs, and sports around the globe! But because TuneIn knows that you deserve more than that, you can upgrade your account to TuneIn premium. Enjoy listening to live coverage of the hottest season of sports online. Experience uninterrupted listening to podcasts and talk shows.

With these, you can now add more vitality to your life! Enjoy the ride as you experience a one-of-a-kind musical journey.

Asian Radio Apps


Do you want a little escape for your soul? Why not have a little chill? If you are an Asian and you want something to get yourself off away from this chaotic busy world, then here are the ones that will perfectly fit for you:

  1. Internet Radio

Small but terrible? Never underestimate the capability of the small music player that Internet Radio brings. Though tiny, it could provide you thousands of stations that you can surely not get bored off. Bothered by your slow internet connection? Worry no more because Internet Radio is designed to resolve that. You can enjoy any station anytime, anywhere even your connection may seem not totally running in your favor. Pop, rock, RnB, dance etc. are all genres available 24/7. Search it and it will do the job. You can also upgrade your experience to a higher level with its Premium version. With it, you can record and set the time of your listening sessions.

  1. Live365

Considered as a diverse online network of countless stations, Live365 will complete all of your 365 Earth days with its fascinating features. It covers a total of more than 20 genres you love such as rock, RnB, Hip-Hop, Pop, Classical, and a whole lot more! Are you a fan of Johnny Cash, Jethro Tull, and David Bryne? If you do, then stick to this one to listen for some of these famous artists’ songs!

  1. net

With over 30,000 to choose from the long list of regional and international stations, gives you the world of radio in your palms. You can systematically search for songs by genre, country, or city! You can listen to them anytime anywhere by saving your favorite songs in your own “My Radio.” Do you want to hear you favorite station by the time you open your eyes for a new day? can be your friendly alarm clock! And if you also want to sleep with it, the sleep timer settings will best fit for you.

Asians will never allow let their device be left out of what’s in and new. Even though the world, may be noisy and distracting as it has always been, you cannot deny the fact that there’s still a place for you in this world to relax and escape for a moment with all of your favorite songs. If you however require a bigger list, then there’s a great trick that you can utilize to search for more Galaxy S3 radio stations!

Now, here is a great video which you could watch.

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