9 Apps Most Hackers Use To Track Their Performance!

Are you into hacking? Or rooting even? Then make sure to check out the list that I’ve create below, because these hacker apps for Galaxy S3 are being used right now, and if you’re missing out then you’ll have to watch your back, because you don’t know the slightest things of what’s going on right now.

As always, some of these apps require you to root your Galaxy S3, thus gaining access to SuperSU. If you haven’t done this yet, then make sure to do so by taking a look at our rooting guides.


If you are an ethical hacker or looking to venture into pen-testing then this is all that you need. It is the ideal tool for IT Administrators, experts and the likes in this field. Thus, with this, you can be able to scan for performance exploits, conduct reconnaissance among other related activities. Download it here.


This is an amazing GUI tool which can be used to analyze not only the performance but also the vulnerabilities which an application may have. Therefore, if you are a reverse engineer, then this is the ideal tool for you.



You may think of this as being a remote administration solution. Along these, lines, this is basically some form of a client server application which you can use on your device. Thus, you can have your phone acting as a server as well as a client at the same time.


If you don’t want to go via the extra mile of understanding complex procedures then this is the way to go. All that you will need is simply use a once touch button and then select your target application for any penetration testing. Moreover, you also get an easy guideline and an online tutorial if you get stuck.

Burp Suite


If you are a white hacker for web systems, then this is all you need. Simply detect all vulnerabilities and backdoors with one tap. Moreover, you will realize that this is a set of tools which work simultaneously to give you the best outcomes. Download it here.

Droid Sheep

If you feel that you are up for more anonymity then this is the right way to go. With this tool, you will have the power to personally monitor and inspect whether your web provider are secure enough for your operations. Download it here.

Security Apps

360 Security


If you are looking to getting the best and reliable protection then this is the ultimate solution to opt for. With this, you enjoy a onetime free application which will deliver you unlimited and add free protection. Along these lines, you will realize that you have the chance of not securing your files alone, live updates.

So, you may be wondering why you should give it a try. Well, you should think of the advantages. The likes of RAM clean up, RAM and Processor boost are some of the benefits which come packaged with this amazing tool.

Kaspersky Internet Security

If you are familiar with the PC version, then you will like this. The same benefits you may have realized on your PC will be transferred alike to your mobile. You all need to download the free version and install it after which you can upgrade to premium and unlock more features.

So, what does this offer you with? One thing you have to be certain of is that you will never be safe with your texting and MMS messaging. With this, you are protected from phishing, spoofing and spamming.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


If you are looking for something lightweight and all the more effective when it comes your device’s safety, then you should give this a shot. It is fully tiered to realizing ease of use as well as flexibility. It is one and the same as the PC version, to the extent of being integrated to the Android Device Manager.

The features are also amazing. You for instance have the anti-theft protection and remote tracking system of your device. Moreover, you will easily enjoy the anti-malware protection, privacy manager, real time application scanning, be it the third party or trusted sources.

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