5 Essential Archery Apps That Any Archer Should Have

In ancient times, archery was one of the methods used in hunting or in the art of warfare. Now it is done for sports and show the skills of individuals skilled with bows and arrows. If you are a professional athlete or you just have a thing with bows, you can use your Android phone or tablet to enhance the game or improve your skills in training. With these 5 Galaxy S3 archery apps, transform your mobile handset as your best buddy in archery.

Note: Root access might be required when you want to access any of the below, so make sure that you do the Samsung Galaxy S3 root before continuing. If you don’t know how to root, then I would strongly recommend you to take a look at our archives.



Rcherz is your intuitive scoring software for your mobile devices. Aside from recording and plotting out your scores, it also functions as a social site where your friends want to hang out. You can view news feeds, send photos, and share your progress to your fellow friends. Rcherz also allows you to send a photo of your target and let your friends vote if it is in or out. Rcherz also notifies you of important events and use the map to guide you to the location of the said events. You can download the social and scoring program Rcherz for free from the Google Play Store.

ArcherZUpshot: Archery Scoring


When training, it is important to record your performance and evaluate it to see how you can improve your skills. This is what ArcherZUpshot is good at. It specializes in recording game scores and provides analysis on your performance. ArcherZUpshot also provides a before and after result performance so you can determine what factor can bring significant change such as the equipment used, location, how prepared you are, and many more. You can also input individual bow and arrows and input their data. You can also take a picture of your target and share them to social sites. Try-out ArcherZUpshot and you get to use this for free 500 shots.

BOW International


Read inspiring stories and learn tips from the experts from magazines offered by the BOW International. It lets you download and read digital copies of the magazine BOW International and access them right on your phones and tablets. So wherever you may be, you can access your favorite stories, advice, and tips from the experts right on your Android device. The BOW International can be downloaded for free but you will be required to purchase the previous issues or subscribe to get the latest issues of the magazine.

Archery Companion


Archery Companion is a scoring program that you can use to keep track of your shooting data while practicing or during competitions. The app’s score sheets support FITA and GNAS rounds and can be instantly created between the predefined templates. Every after a shot is recorded, Archery Companion updates the score sheet and provides the end, hit, gold, and running totals. The score sheet can be saved to be reviewed later and evaluate performance at the end of the match. Make your Android device your Archery Companion for free from the Google Play Store.

World Archery Live


Get updated with important events and tournaments in archery with World Archery Live. With this you will be able to get live results and follow scores live in the World Archery Championships and the Archery World Cup. World Archery Live contains biographies of professional players and photo gallery of the championship. And you will also be able to get a link to watch the championship live right on your Android device. It also offers the latest and hottest news from www.worldarchery.org. Stay in touch and updated with the World Archery Live for free from the Google Play Store.

Coach’s Eye


Proper posture is important during matches. Your coach or your trainer can help your improve posture by using the Coach’s Eye. What Coach’s Eye does is that it records you while you play archery or any sports. Then your coach will examine the video frame by frame and review how you perform. Your coach can then draw on the video and leave an audio commentary on the clip. It also lets you access selections of sports videos worldwide. Spice up your training with Coach’s Eye. You will get a 3-day free trial. After that, individual users can subscribe for US$5 per month with a duration of 1 year.

Archery will never be the same with the use of these useful apps. Do you have a favorite one that you wish to share? Share them to us in a comment below.

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